Maine Boatbuilders Show | A gathering of the finest fiberglass and wooden custom boatbuilders on the East Coast
Maine Boatbuilders Show | A gathering of the finest fiberglass and wooden custom boatbuilders on the East Coast
Portland Sports Complex
100 West Commercial St
Portland, ME 04102

Phone: (207) 774-1067
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We are working on all your questions for the show at our facility, here on the Portland waterfront in July.

  1. Since this is a NEW VENUE, (not new show) how to market the show. This is our 33rd year and we have changed before. We have always wanted to bring the show to OUR yard here at 100 W Commercial Street. We offer up the VENUE and do the large ads in the shiny magazines as usual, we have a sign up on our website for anyone to follow our news, and being summer, this will offer more opportunities for tourists to visit. We hope each of you will contact YOUR customers and let them know you will be here.
  2. How much space is available in the water? We have 800’ off the seawall, and an additional 1500’ to the east of our ramps. We will do bow to stern along the seawall docks, there is space inside the dock for much smaller craft too. We have 17 acres on the land side for on the hard exhibits. We have two buildings (bld E and C) we plan to put up booths inside, along with seminar space. (see Map)
  3. What is our expectation for numbers? We are hoping for 100 – 150 exhibitors this first year and can hope for 3-5,000 attendees. July in Maine is busy, and we want to make this a fun, informative celebration of the Ocean economy.
  4. How will we manage the traffic on the docks? We have had a small craft celebration for two years in the fall. We integrate the USCG rules for events, with life jackets required for 12 & under on docks, and we manage the numbers. We expect to have some activities on the water too, and have had boats overseeing out on the water. The viewing area near food is great.
  5. Are we going to have food & beverages available? Yes, hoping for a great selection of food trucks, picnic tables and as noted, a great view of the waterfront outside.
  6. Parking? We have some parking on site. There will be a brand new garage across the street from us in a month. We are busy with other options with our neighbors too.
  7. Bathrooms? We have some inside our buildings but will add Port o Johns to cover the Covid-19 regulations.
  8. Finally what will we do with the COVID restrictions? We will follow ALL protocols for the State of Maine and will post the requirements as needed. We have TWO large gates we will utilize for entrances. We have 17 acres here so spacing will not be an issue. INSIDE booths will be placed as according to the CDC protocols. Masks? Bring them. We will keep you all up speed on Maine rules.
  9. If this is cancelled AGAIN, we will roll over to 2022. We want his to happen, and we are itching to get out on the water! As always, feel free to ask questions and together we will get through this.

Mission Statement:

The Maine Boatbuilders Show's mission is to provide a welcoming gathering place for those who are the brain trust of the broad marine industry. The management and production of the Maine Boatbuilders show is a component of the cultural responsibility of Portland Yacht Services to our industry and passion.

The foundation principle of the show is inviting collaboration on quality from exhibitors who will agree to represent their own products and will bring individuals on site who are technically familiar with the product and its construction or application.

A focus will be on encouraging a welcoming, confident low-key business and informational environment for emergent builders, service yards, restorers and the custom and semi-custom boatbuilders whose craftsmanship is the cultural cornerstone of Maine's and the larger boating heritage of the region.

It should be a place where the news of friends, plans for the new season and new ideas are discussed in the aisles and celebrated over meals. A place where new ideas are encouraged, business and testing of concepts may be solicited in the aisles. Friends meet.

The challenges of establishing cost effective access to a wide market is an important deliverable.

The mission will become an informational path and access to jobs for the next generations through highlighting education and opportunities that range from community sailing to technical high schools and college and growing businesses is a central theme to challenge the present attendees.

The even application of this mission will result in a rich environment to celebrate the marine industry without political constraints or borders.

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